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Craft formula

Craft formula,Sokolniki, 24 九月 2015

The International trade exhibition Craft Formula Moscow: Autumn2015will take place inSokolniki Exhibition and Convention CentrefromSeptember 24th 27th, 2015. This is the most large-scale and versatile event dedicated tomany kinds ofhobbies.Five hundred companiesvarying fromlarge manufacturers todesigners and craftsmen will present thousands oftools and materials forneedlework aswell as ready-made author’s products. Meanwhile visitors get attracted not only bythe variety ofgoods and ideas, butalso the opportunity tolearn something new or toimprove their skills duringthe master classes held inspecial areas. Different catwalk and shows onstage, all-prize lotteries, contests and promotions help tocreate the right atmosphere duringthe event. All ofthe entertainment is unveiled inthe largest Pavilions 4 and 4.1 ofSokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre coveringover9000 square metersofexhibition space! The trade exhibition: —Exhibition and fair ofmaterials and tools forcreative work ready-made authors works atspecial prices.—Presentation of the latest things for each needlework type. Specially: —Festival of modern felt together with the Shkatulochka studio.—Children. School. Creative Work, the project reveals children’s talents.—Be The Star Of Needlework, a presentation ofthe project together withEksmo Publishing House.—Handmade For Men, a section ofserious hobbies.—Delicious Handmade, the art ofbeautiful cooking.—A Hat and A Scarf, the exposition ofmust-have autumn accessories.—Formula Craft Magazine Annual Award, best ofthe best inthe industry. Master classes: —Over two hundred master classes inall kinds offancy-work: embroidery, knitting, sewing, felting, patchwork, quilling, decoupage, scrapbooking etc.—New trends inthe field offancy-work.—Special presentations and master classes. Contests: —Teachers Day, schoolchildren showcase their talents inneedlework.—Embroidery Formula, a contest inthe best embroidery made according tothe designs published inthe Craft Formula magazine. Charitable contributions: —The Garden ofGood Works project Entertainment programme: —Authors show-parades.—Special art-projects.—Children’s creative ground.—Daily contests and presents. Trade exhibition Craft Formula: Facts and Figures —It takes place 3 times a year: inspring, autumn and winter.—The number ofguests and visitors atevery event exceeds 32,000 including representatives ofprint, online and television media, celebrities and businessmen, representatives ofthe government ofMoscow and Moscow Region.—The number ofparticipants is over500 companies, shops, art studios, online retailers, publishers and educational centers.—The exhibition features more than350000 descriptions ofgoods and around300 brands ofRussian and foreign company-representatives.—Over 200 charged and free master classes indifferent kinds ofneedlework.—More than3500 prizes and gifts toraffle offfor visitors and guests atevery event. Official Craft Formula in social

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c 24 по 27 九月 2015
Москва, Россия