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Фестиваль «ретро-фест»

Фестиваль «ретро-фест» ,Sokolniki, 27 六月 2015

О проекте: 27-28 июня в старинном московском парке «Сокольники» состоится «Ретро-Фест» — долгожданное и радостное событие для всех любителей винтажа и антиквариата.

«Ретро-Фест» — это и открытая площадь с экспозицией коллекционных авто, и уютный современный павильон с ярмаркой ретро-безделушек и ностальгических сувениров.
Оргкомитет выставки:
Наталия Панина, директор выставки
Тел.: 8 (909) 939–18–50, 8 (495) 505-53-30

Парк «Сокольники», Большой круг

Recommended interpreters Alisa NAlisa N Julia KJulia K Maria KMaria K
c 27 по 28 六月 2015
Москва, Россия

Project information: "Smart & Healthy Living Festival" is the event for those who want to be smart, healthy and happy today. On May 19, Sokolniki will gather neurobiologists, psychologists, yoga practitioners, stress management, meditation and dietary science experts, and many more. Over the course of 3 days they will be sharing their valuable experience, knowledge and trendsetting technologies that promote health, happiness and well being. Come to "Smart&Healthy Living" to see innovative technologies and projects, based on human health and planet safety care. The festival’s motto is "Healthy man – healthy planet". Negative thinking, wrong way of living, excessive consumption, gluttony, and health conditions demand titanic resources and drain the Earth. This is why you, your own thinking and health, should become a starting point to change the world around you magically. The festival's agenda includes talks, workshops, wholesome food, smart shopping, game room for all ages, and much more. No happiness can be achieved in the absence of health, while health is only reachable with a smart and conscious way of living. We look forward to seeing you in Sokolniki between May 19 and 21. You can book your tickets right now  3-day ticket price is 200 RUB.  300 RUB on the event days. Free admission for children under 10 years old.
Association of Interdisciplinary Medicine
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
Jewellery Vernisage in Sokolniki Jewellery Exhibition and Sale
About the project:
Jewelry Vernisage is a professional exhibition and sale of jewelry, widely popular among the Muscovites, one of the hallmarks of metropolitan jewelry market. The exhibition unites the best of the best of the jewelry world, connoisseurs of original style, exclusivity, and effect.

Jewelry Vernisage is to invite you to “EcoCenter “Sokolniki” Museum-educational complex”, along with over 100 jewelry houses, artistic studios, jeweler-artists. Spoil yourself and your nearest and dearest with this gorgeous experience!

Main exposition categories:
- Gold and silver jewelry from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, Thailand, etc
- Authors’ jewelry, artistic, stone-cutting articles
- Argentry
- Handmade weapons
- Collector’s minerals and articles thereof
- Antiques, collector’s exhibits
- Bijouterie 
- Elite gifts

Wholesale and retail sales 

An expert gemologist to provide professional assistance throughout the exhibition.
Jewelry Vernisage, LLC
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
RetroFest Festival
About the project: On June 27th and 28th, 2015 the oldest park in Moscow, Sokolniki, will become the venue for RetroFest – a long-awaited and festive occasion for all vintage and antiques lovers.

RetroFest includes both outdoor area with its exhibition of collectible cars, and modern and cozy pavilion with fair of retro nostalgic trinkets and souvenirs.
Organizing Committee:
Natalia Panina, exhibition director
Tel.: +7 909 939 1850, +7 495 505 5330

Great Circle, Sokolniki Park, Moscow, Russia