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Международный чемпионат по моделированию взгляда «world lash» - 2015

Международный чемпионат по моделированию взгляда «world lash» - 2015 ,Sokolniki, 21 八月 2015

О проекте: Международный Чемпионат по Моделированию Взгляда "WORLD LASH-2015", один из самых крупных профессиональных конкурсов для мастеров по наращиванию ресниц и дизайну бровей, организаторами которого выступают Студия Роскошного Взгляда Наталии Морозовой "LUXURY LASHES" и Мастерская Взгляда Татьяны Терентьевой "LASH-TO-LASH". В течение трех дней в своем мастерстве будут состязаться более 100 лучших мастеров из России, стран СНГ, Европы и США. Будут разыграны 24 комплекта наград, а также кубок Гран-При! Главным открытием соревнований прошлого Чемпионата стал Чемпионат по Архитектуре Бровей "BROW ARCHITECT", который будет проведен и в этом году. Состязание в данном направлении проводились впервые в мире именно в рамках Чемпионата “WORLD LASH”. В этом году участников снова ожидает с комфортом устроенное рабочее пространство, оснащенное профессиональным светом и оборудованием, а также многочисленные призы и подарки от спонсоров и партнеров Чемпионата. В рамках Чемпионата будут проведены соревнования по наращиванию ресниц и оформлению бровей в следующих номинациях: «Поресничное наращивание - Nude Look» «Двойное наращивание 2D- Аbsolutely Double Lash» «Тройное наращивание 3D- Only Three» «Роскошный объем 4, 5, 6D- Luxury Volume» «Совершенная линия - Perfect Line» «Образ - Fashion Look» «Classic Brow Design» «Perfect Brow Design» Оргкомитет выставки:
Мастерская Взгляда «LASH-to-LASH» и Студия Роскошного Взгляда «LUXURY LASHES»
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 7a

Recommended interpreters Yuriy YYuriy Y Tatiana MTatiana M Maria KMaria K
c 21 по 23 八月 2015
Москва, Россия

About the project: The fair demonstrates the mutually profitable cooperation between the two fraternal countries based on centuries of joint bonds and thousands of business links between the industries of the two countries. The relations between Russia and Belarus are fundamental and are a priority for both countries. The trade fair is not only a platform for the exchange of knowledge and positive experience among experts and entrepreneurs from the two countries; it also bears social significance, for it showcases the most important product groups defining social stability: consumer goods and food products. The themed sections of the fair: Textile and interior items; Consumer goods; Games and toys for children; Home ware and tableware; Gifts and souvenirs. Health and beauty Health goods and products; Alternative medicine; Cosmetics and perfumery products; Bijouterie and jewelry. Food products Meat, fish and dairy products; Preserves and groceries; Confectionery and bakery goods; Honey and beehive products. RBS Expo organizing committee
Yelena Bordenyuk: +7(985)488-01-00
Yekaterina Bordenyuk: +7(985)488-02-00
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
Health Festival and BrainEco: The Art Of Interacting With the Environment, the 5rd International interdisciplinary Congress
About the project: BrainEco is a unique informational and educational project aimed to inspire people to preserve, to strengthen overall health, and to take preventive measures against brain diseases as well as to raise the medical community’s, businessmen’s, media’s, and general public’s awareness of brain disease and control topical issues. Aim: The project’s goal is to present innovative overall health maintenance and improvement and brain disease prevention and treatment products and technologies. The framework of the exhibition features presentations, master-classes, training sessions, contests, tournaments, and sampling for the sake of fitness, healthy food, and the promotion of the latest scientific developments among medical staff, entrepreneurs, and the general public. Main sections: — Neuro-rehabilitation;
— Healthy clothes and fashion;
— Sexual health;
— Healthy sleep;
— Health, culture and art;
— Medicine, vitamins, and dietary supplements;
— Overcoming addictions;
— Healthy food and drink;
— Relaxation and stress management techniques;
— Health and active leisure, tourism;
— Healthy home and office environment;
— Anti-ageing medicine;
— Health and physical education, sports;
— Innovative individual health evaluation and improvement technologies.

Organizing Committee: 17, Lobachika Str., Moscow, Russia, 107113
Tel.: +7 499 264 22 88
e-mail:, International Interdisciplinary Congress coordinator: Alexey B. Danilov
Tel.: +7 926 544 5678
E-mail: Interactive exhibition coordinators:
Sections: Healthy home and office environment, fitness clubs, healthy sleep, relaxation and stress management techniques
Yana A. Fomina
Tel.: +7 925 004 3467
E-mail: Sections: Innovative individual health evaluation and improvement technologies, healthy clothes and fashion, Brain Fitness
Andrey Laptev
Tel.: +7 926 359 1149
E-mail: Sections: Culture and art, healthy catering and a basket of health, health and active leisure, tourism
Alexey Kalimullin
Tel.: +7 925 004 3953
E-mail: Sections: Medical facilities, clinics
Lyudmila Popova
Tel.: +7 916 780 5516
E-mail: Sections: Medicine, vitamins, and dietary supplements, sexual health
Tatiana Savvateeva
Tel.: +7 926 359 1204
E-mail: Sections: Healthy food and drink
Alena Osadchaya
Tel.: +7 925 004 4609
E-mail: Chief Executive of NP Interdisciplinary Medicine Association
Alexey B. Danilov
Tel.: +7 926 544 5678
E-mail: Press-conference coordinator:
Kristina Sandalova
Tel.: +7 909 933 3589
E-mail: An application form is available on the exhibition’s website:

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
WORLD LASH-2015 International Eyelash Design Championship
About: The WORLD LASH-2015 international championship of eyelash and eyebrow design is one of the biggest professional events for eyelash extension and eyebrow design artists. It is organized by Natalia Morozova’s LUXURY LASHES Studio of luxury glance and Tatiana Terentieva’s LASH-TO-LASH glance atelier. Over the three days of the event more than 100 professionals from Russia, the CIS, Europe and the USA will compete in their skills. There are 24 sets of awards and a Grand Prix Cup to be presented! Last year’s BROW ARCHITECT eyebrow architecture championship that became the hallmark of the WORLD LASH championship will be featured in the programme of the coming edition as well. It was the WORLD LASH championship that held an international championship for this discipline for the first time. The comfortable workspace, professional lighting and equipment, and numerous prizes and awards from the sponsors and partners of the Championship are prepared for the participants. The Championship will feature the following nominations in eyelash extension and eyebrow design: - One-by-one Extension – Nude Look
- Double 2D Extension – Absolutely Double Lash
- Triple 3D Extension - Only Three
- 4, 5, 6D Extension - Luxury Volume
- Fashion Look
- Classic Brow Design
- Perfect Brow Design Organizing committee:
LASH-to-LASH studio and LUXURY LASHES studio
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a