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Star international cat show

Star international cat show,Sokolniki, 28 三月 2015

About the project: A variety ofpopular and rare breeds, such as: the British, the Exotic, the Persian, the Scottish Fold, the Scottish Straight, the Highland Fold, the Highland Straight, the Abyssinian, the Somali, the Cornish Rex, the Selkirk Rex, the Siberian, the Neva Masquerade, Siamese, the Thai, the Oriental, the Bobtail, the Sphinxes, the Bengals, the Burmese, the Russian Blue, the Turkish Angora, the Birman, the Norwegian Forest, the Maine Coon and others. The exhibition will feature the best cats ofRussia and abroad. The total number ofcats and kittens: about500. The exhibition programme includes: Mono Breed Cat Shows Programme Show Consultations onpets care, feeding and breeding Products foranimals Souvenir Fair Kittens forsale. Organizing Committee: Tel.: +7 495 514 2902; +7 925 514 2902; +7910 441 9154

Recommended interpreters Alisa NAlisa N Julia KJulia K Alisa SAlisa S
c 28 по 29 三月 2015
Москва, Россия
+74955142902, +79255142902, +79104419154