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«vegexpo» в «сокольниках»

«vegexpo» в «сокольниках» ,Sokolniki, 1 十一月 2015

1 ноября 2015 г., в Международный День Вегана в Москве пройдет главная российская выставка посвященная вегетарианству, веганству, сыроедению и здоровому образу жизни.

Билеты уже доступны онлайн на сайте  На выставке посетителей ждет веганская и сыроедная еда, товары, магазины, рестораны, производители, клубы и даже клиники для вегетарианцев. А также производители одежды, натуральной косметики, бытовой химии, эко- и био- продукции. 

На 5 площадках посетителей ждут мастер-классы, тренинги и семинары по сыроедению, вегетарианству, натуральной косметике и другие...

Также, в рамках выставки пройдет первая бизнес-конференция для предпринимателей, развивающих свои проекты в теме вегетарианства. Все продукты питания, представленные на выставке, будут состоять исключительно из растительных ингредиентов. 
Вся соопутствующая продукция будет только cruelty-free.

Экспо будет разделено на площадки:


На выставке посетители, которые недавно стали придерживаться вегетарианства, веганства или сыроедения, смогут ответить для себя на главный вопрос всех начинающих вегетарианцев - «Что же теперь есть?»

А вегетарианцы, которые давно уже придерживаются такого образа питания, смогут не только открыть для себя новые имена и бренды, но и просто приобрести много вкусного, полезного и необходимого в одном месте в один день.

Потому что огромный вегетарианский эко-маркет и фудкорт из более чем 100 компаний поразит своим выбором даже самых искушенных.

Что именно вас ждет на маркете?

- Одежда, 
- Бытовая химия, 
- Натуральная косметика, 
- Эко- и Био-продукция, 
- Вегетарианские и сыроедные Бургеры,
- Сыроедная пицца, 
- Фалафель, 
- Сыроедное мороженное, 
- Снэки, 
- Фреши, 
- Смузи, 
- Кексы, 
- Сыроедные сладости, 
- Специи, 
- Кухонная техника 
и многое другое...

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Московская школа сыроедения и вегетарианства
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 4

Recommended interpreters Galina YGalina Y Tatiana MTatiana M Galina EGalina E
01 十一月 2015
Москва, Россия

Key topic: The Russian style! Between September 28 and October 01, 2017, Sokolniki Exhibition Centre in Moscow will see the largest handcrafting and creative hobbies event – the 18th International Trade Fair Craft Formula Moscow. Autumn 2017. Over 550 participants will put their items on display at the venue of 9000 sqm. You will see all levels of the Russian handcrafting industry – from large manufacturers and through to smaller workshops and individual designers. Exhibit hall 4 will feature crafting materials, large companies, publishing houses and shops, while exhibit hall 4.1 will focus primarily on individual crafters, art studios and e-stores. For detailed plan of both exhibit halls please visit, use Формула Рукоделия smartphone app or just come to the venue! It’s so easy to get there – you can take a designated free shuttle bus from Sokolniki metro station, or just have a walk and enjoy the autumn sceneries in one of the most beautiful Moscow parks. Craft Formula is the event for both amateurs and professionals! Representatives of crafting companies will orientate in the market, understand the latest trends and demand dynamics, see what their colleagues do and find new contacts or markets, while crafters will see innovations and crafting materials, gain new knowledge and, of course, positive emotions. The exhibition sees the creative environment abounds, and here you can pick up fresh ideas for your favourite hobby and buy any materials you need right away! But shopping is not the only activity Craft Formula is about – the guests may expect an eventful agenda, exhibits, workshops, creative meetings and more. This autumn Craft Formula is themed around the Russian style, which is why the exhibit will open with a foot tapping flash mob, the Russian round dance! To participate, please attend the stage in exhibit hall 4 on September 28 at 11:30 and make sure you wear at least one traditional Russian garment piece, such as Pavlovo Posad shawl, a dress, a sarafan, a vest etc. We intend to demonstrate that deep inside each and every one of us has this special feeling that brings us back to our roots and basics, when you body remembers the way to dance and hands meet in an exciting and vibrant round dance! So what excitements will this Craft Formula bring? Make sure you visit the 4th Contemporary Felt festival in exhibit hall 4.1, which is organized in cooperation with Shkatulochka studio and shop for the 4th time now. You will see hundreds of fancy and unusual pieces made by Russian designers – fashion garments and shoes, rich accessories, rare interior items, gifts and souvenirs. Every time felt crafters arrange for vibrant and exceptional exhibits, such as an exhibition by participants of the Felt Tournament from Russia and Ukraine, an entire gallery of dry felted birds and a fashion show on stage, performances and workshops! Some great news for those who are into sewing: a special project, 30 Years with BURDA by Burda publishing house, Burda Academy and Formula Rukodeliya company will be presented for the 2nd time. Burda’s stage will feature non-stop workshops, sewing and design talks, style and fashion trends consultations by BURDA and guest experts! On top of that you will see an exhibit of toy bears made based on Burda’s cut-outs, which won the Bears, Round Up contest. Craft Formula will let you meet both Russian and international designers. This time a renowned English designer Michael Powell will attend the autumn exhibition as the guest of honour. His stand will offer not only sewing kits for his designs but also his recent Christmas sewing book. September 29 will see Michael Powell’s Fan Club flashmob – meet us at 16:30 at the stage with Powell’s pieces to get presents from Formula Rukodeliya magazine. If you feel like taking a break and grabbing a snack, you are welcome at the Tasty Handmade special project – a food court with tasty and creative offerings, but also a selection of stands to buy natural honey, spices, original sweets, eco-food, dishes and kitchen accessories, carving knives, baking tins and much more! When you’re recharged, it’s just about time to do some crafting! The creative area of Craft Formula Club will hold up to 20 activities throughout the day! Over the course of the exhibition there will be over 300 various workshops for all levels and ages. These activities are an excellent way to try new techniques at not much cost, expand your crafting horizons and also entertain your kids to let moms and grannies browse the exhibition! Little guests of the exhibition are welcome at the playground to play with facilitators and join workshops. Exhibit hall 4.1 also has a baby care room, a cloakroom and an ATM at your service. In the run-up to every exhibition Craft Formula and its partners announce a selection of contests for winners to be voted for. The list of contests and terms and conditions can be found at For example, embroiderers are welcome to compete in Native Scenes contest with any kind of embroidery picturing the Russian nature. Young creative teams will enter the Teacher’s Day contest, while sewing enthusiasts may take part in Quilt-Game organized by Rukodelie-Pro and Guetermann, for details see On top of the contest works in the Leisure Gallery you may enjoy the exhibition of space-themed quilt pictures – Planet Yuri Gagarin. You will also see patchworks with Samara modern architecture and an exhibit by photography artist Margarita Kareva and designer Lyubov Mikhaleva who will display a series of the Russian beauties’ portraits and a selection of costumes. Contemporary interpretation of traditional Russian garments can also be seen at the exhibition of artist Nina Lee. Formula Rukodeliya magazine lounge welcomes you to the right hand side of the stage where you can try and appear as Kustodiev’s painting character in the Russian Beauty photoshoot. Prize draws will be held every two hours, to get a ticket you need to make a purchase at Formula Rukodeliya store stand or post your picture in social media with #я_на_формуле_рукоделия hashtag. You can also take part in a philanthropy raffle organized by Chistoe Nebo foundation to help the children in need of medical treatment. Make sure you don't miss Zolotaya Pugovitsa stand to find out what companies and designers contest the victory this year. Craft Formula is not only a milestone event in the industry but also a small party for crafters who leave with their hands full of shopping, gifts and fresh experiences. Because crafting is the living proof that your dreams may come true for a willing mind! See you this autumn at Craft Formula in Sokolniki! Craft Formula in social networks: Contact information: E-mail: Tel.: +7( 495) 984-08-77.
Fancywork Formula
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
VegExpo in Sokolniki
On November 1st, 2015, which is International Vegan Day, Moscow will hold the main Russian exhibition on vegetarianism, veganism, rawism and an overall healthy lifestyle. Tickets available here:  At the exhibition visitors will find vegan and raw food, goods, shops, restaurants, producers, clubs and even medical centres for vegetarians. There will also be clothes, natural cosmetics, home care products, eco and bio products.  There will be 5 platforms holding workshops, trainings, and seminars on raw foodism, vegetarianism, natural cosmetics and other topics.  The exhibition programme also includes the first business conference for businessmen developing projects concerning vegetarianism.  All the food products presented at the exhibition are solely of plant origin; all the associated goods are strictly cruelty-free.  The exposition will be divided into themed sections:  ECO MARKET FOOD COURT FOOD WORKSHOPS HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS WORKSHOPS SEMINARS & LECTURES BUSINESS CONFERENCES The exhibition will help the visitors who have recently converted to vegetarianism, veganism or rawism to find an answer to the main question of all beginners: What to eat now?  Long-time vegetarians will have a chance to discover new names and brands and purchase a lot of tasty, healthy and essential products on the spot: with a giant eco market and a food court with more than a hundred participating companies, they will be spoilt for choice.  What exactly does the market include? - Clothes - Household cleaning products - Natural cosmetics - Eco and bio products - Vegetarian and raw burgers - Raw pizza - Falafel - Raw ice-cream - Snacks - Fresh juices - Smoothies - Cakes - Raw sweets - Spices - Kitchen utensils  Etc. More details can be found at Please send applications for participation in the market to Please send sponsor and partner proposals to
The Moscow School of Raw Foodism and Vegetarianism
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4