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Katherine F: - english-russian interpreter in Moscow

Katherine F

$34 per hour


English - Russian

  • Translation and guide$34 per hour
  • Consecutive interpretation$34 per hour
  • Full day (8 hours)$181
  • Guide to the city$34
  • Minimum payment$113

$181 day

Higher : Международные отношения НИЯУ МИФИ ИМО
Higher : Психология - НИУ ВШЭ
City I am located in:
Moscow, Russia

Hallo everyone!

I’m a freelance interpreter and city guide with a more than three years of experience.

I have hands on experience in providing both written and oral translation and interpretation. I interpret psychological workshops and sessions, creative briefs, start-up and business negotiations, work both at stands and as an interpreter during professional exhibitions and conferences, help guests around the city giving them chance to enjoy and experience cultural connection to the most fascinating landmarks .

I honestly enjoy facilitating communication both in terms of language and psychology. In this job I appreciate the opportunity to be present and not to interfere assisting the process to unfurl and ideas to flourish. That is always a challenge I take up with pleasure trying to be both considerate and precise as well as flexible and quick.


  • Fairs I participated at:
    • ПРОДЭКСПО-2014
    • РЕКЛАМА-2014
    • Ядерный форум - 2010 (атомная энергетика и нераспространение ЯО) CPM- 2013 Buildex 2013 ПРОДЭКСПО-2013 ПРОДЭКСПО-2014 Конгресс по пластической хирургии -2014 Московский ветеринарный форум Форум "Россия - страна возможностей" 18
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