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Tatiana M: - english-russian interpreter in Moscow

Tatiana M

$20 per hour


English - Russian

  • Translation and guide$20 per hour
  • Consecutive interpretation$20 per hour
  • Simultaneous interpretation$26 per hour
  • Full day (8 hours)$130
  • Minimum payment$39

$130 day

Education The Moscow State Linguistic University 1986-1992; the Moscow International School of Interpreters (Simultaneous Interpreration) 1997
City I am located in:
Moscow, Russia

Experience with leading Russian and Western companies in Moscow since 1994, translating for expats as an office trabnslator. Banking and finance, telecom and IT, construction and architecture


  • Fairs I participated at:
    • 2014 National Veterinary Conference 2013 National Veterinary Conference 2012 UBS Annual Investment Conference 2011 UBS Annual Investment Conference 2010 UBS Annual Investment Conference 2010 Emerald Ball Moscow
    In stock
    • Driver's license
    • international passport
    • EU, Шенген