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Maria F: - english-russian interpreter in Moscow

Maria F

$28 per hour


English - French - Italian - Russian

  • Translation and guide$28 per hour
  • Consecutive interpretation$35 per hour
  • Simultaneous interpretation$97 per hour
  • Full day (8 hours)$208
  • Guide to the city$180
  • Minimum payment$139

$208 day

Higher : Московский Государственный Лингвистический Университет
City I am located in:
Moscow, Russia

I am a graduate From Moscow Linguistic University with a double degree as a journalist and an interpreter. Have strong personal communicative skills and strong speaking/interpreting skills in both English and French.
I have studied English since childhood and have lived in England for two years. Have also studied French since elementary school, and later had the chance to perfect it at the university and during my trips to France and Belgium. Took up Italian as a third extra-curricular language at the university.I have teaching experience, as I give French and English lessons and currently teach at 'Say Yes' English school in Moscow.
My interpreting jobs included working at the Moscow Student Theatre Festival "Your chance" with a French theatre company, at exhibitions such as World Food 2012,2013, Intercharm 2014, Ctt 2014, Flowers Expo 2014 and others.


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