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Simona A: - english-russian interpreter in Moscow

Simona A

$26 per hour


English - Korean - Russian

  • Translation and guide$26 per hour
  • Consecutive interpretation$26 per hour
  • Simultaneous interpretation$52 per hour
  • Full day (8 hours)$104
  • Minimum payment$800

$104 day

Education MGIMO
City I am located in:
Moscow, Russia

5 years of professional experience. Interpreter, translator- languages: Russian, English, Korean. Working as an interpreter, including spheres of medicine and health care. Studied one year in South Korea (TOPIC 중급).


  • Fairs I participated at:
    • 5pexpo-2013
    • Upcoming International Forum "Open innovations" 30.10-01.11.13 - Expocenter Northeast Asia Economic Forum 19.08.13 - Russkiy island
    • Vladivostok Take part at the university conferences where usually provide simultaneous translation
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