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Mariya V: - english-russian interpreter in Moscow

Mariya V

$23 per hour


English - Russian

  • Translation and guide$23 per hour
  • Consecutive interpretation$23 per hour
  • Simultaneous interpretation$57 per hour
  • Full day (8 hours)$113
  • Guide to the city$113
  • Minimum payment$800

$113 day

Higher : МГПУ
City I am located in:
Moscow, Russia

fluent both in Russian and English
a clear and friendly voice and articulate speech;
good computer and communication skills;
ready to work quickly and under pressure;
keen to learn, develop and improve qualification
an inquiring nature and positive attitude towards life;
open-minded and friendly personality;
passion for foreign languages and different cultures around the world;
good teamwork skills and the ability to work unsupervised.
a good experience of customer service and interpretation (rus-eng, eng-rus)


  • Fairs I participated at:
    • 2
    • 5 года в международной компании (4 месяца в отделе по работе с клиентами и 2года1мес в отделе перевода)
    In stock
    • Driver's license
    • international passport
    • EU, ЕС