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5th international specialized exhibition

5th international specialized exhibition en Sokolniki, el 13 Mayo 2015

About the project: Organized incooperation witha number ofindustry associations, social movements, federal and municipal governments the exhibition ElectroTrans 2015 brings together top managers and experts ofurban public transport enterprises, representatives ofmunicipal entities, federal government, aswell assuppliers ofthe rolling stock, products and services forelectric transport. Targets ofElectroTrans exhibition: 1. To attract attention ofcity and federal governments tothe benefits ofdeveloping a network ofenvironmentally friendly public transport byapplying advanced foreign and domestic experience. To contribute tosolving the present problems ofindustry enterprises. 2. To discuss the ways ofdeveloping the urban transport ofall Russian cities frommegametropolis tosmall municipalities. To hold business meetings, professionally prepared conferences and seminars fortop managers and experts. 3. To present a modern rolling stock and promising technical solutions forurban transport enterprises. Experts inthe field ofurban public transport, representatives ofmunicipal governments, students, all amateurs and enthusiasts ofpublic transport are welcomed tovisit the ElectroTrans exhibition. The entry tothe exhibition is free. Thematic areas: 1. Urban transport infrastructure. Design and development ofroute network, vehicle fleets, and depots. Financing inthe field ofurban transport, renewal ofrolling stock and leasing. Calculation ofpassenger traffic, traffic control. Interaction ofdifferent types oftransport. Interchange hubs and passenger shelter. 2. Public transport security: Complex solutions aimed toensure passengers safety, fire safety, CCTV, metal detectors, alarms, access control, emergency communications, means ofescape and rescue. 3. Rolling stock ofenvironmentally friendly urban transport. Tramway and express tramway, subway, trolley (including those withautonomous courses), monorail transport systems, electric buses, electric trains ofurban and suburban rail service, electric motors. Modernization, life extension. Industrial, commercial and personal electric transport. 4. Personal electric transport: electric cars, electric scooters, and electric bikes. 5. Spare parts forrolling stock: Cabin interior, mechanical components, electrical components, power equipment, climate control, lighting solutions and consumable materials. 6. Urban transport enterprises: depot equipment, tools and technologies fordiagnosis, repairing, cleaning, supply ofspare parts and components, uniform and working clothes, workout facilities and personnel training. 7. Information technologies inpublic transport: vehicle fleet control systems, communication and navigation equipment, fare collection technology, information and entertainment systems. 8. Equipment and technologies forpower supply and electrification services: traction substations, catenary, automatic system forcommercial accounting ofpower consumption, technologies ofreducing energy consumption, batteries, charging stations, capacitors and life extension technology. 9. Tunnels: tunnel construction materials, insulation materials, ventilation systems, cable networks and lighting equipment. 10. Equipment forsignaling and communication services ofsubway and express tramway. 11. Tracks and track facilities. 12. Passenger service: Accessories forpassengers withlimited physical abilities, rescue equipment, related services. Contacts ofthe organizing committee: Address: Russia, 125481, Moscow, Planernaya st., 14, bld. 5, office 31. phone number/fax: +7 (495) 287-4412 e-mail:

Recommended interpreters Yuriy YYuriy Y Yuliya IYuliya I Galina EGalina E
c 13 по 15 Mayo 2015
Москва, Россия