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All russian all-breed dog show by elita club

All russian all-breed dog show by elita club en Sokolniki, el 10 Enero 2015

About:Elite Cynological Centre is happy toinvite you toan all-Russian all-breed dog show ofthe Russian Cynological Federation Champion and OANKOO Federation and toa block ofmono-breed exhibitions.Mono-breed exhibitions:Club Champion RankThe Dogo Argentino, the KuvaszClub Winner RankThe Alaskan Malamute, the English Bulldog, the Beagle, the Basset Hound, the Dogue de Bordeaux, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan, the Golden Retriever, the Jack Russell Terrier and the Parson Russell Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Cane Corso, the Chinese crested dog (2 rings according tocoat type), the Labrador Retriever, the Leonberger, the Lakeland Terrier, the Flat-Coated Retriever, the Russian Wolfhound, the Siberian Husky, the Samoyed, the Sealyham Terrier, the Chihuahua (2 rings according tocoat type), the WhippetCandidate Club Champion RankThe French Bulldog (2 rings according tocolour), the Boston Terrier, the Welsh TerrierExhibition Registration:Elite Cynological Centre office at23/2 4 Parkovaya ulitsa, basement level, room #2Tuesday Thursday, 01.00 pm 05.00 pm Organizers committee:Tel.: +79255147602,

Recommended interpreters Yuriy YYuriy Y Tatiana MTatiana M Galina EGalina E
10 Enero 2015
Москва, Россия
+79255147602, +79057861272