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Dog show of rkf champion rank and a set of mono-breed dog shows

Dog show of rkf champion rank and a set of mono-breed dog shows en Sokolniki, el 1 Mayo 2015

About the project: On May 1st, 2015 the interregional non-governmental organization Official Dog-breeding Club will hold a set ofdog shows. Within the framework ofwhich there will be the biggest annual show— the National Championship ofthe Moscow Watchdog Club. It is the perfect chance tosee a large number ofdogs ofa unique breed and domestic breeding inone place asthey can rarely be found inother show rings. Moreover, the visitors and participants will have a chance tosee the representatives oftwo breeds recognized asone ofthe best companion dogs inthe world— “true English”— the Labrador-Retriever and the Whippet. Among the experts invited tothe show there are well-known English breeders and judges: Mrs Penny Karpanini and Ms Polin Oliver, this guarantees that it will be one ofthe most respectable shows bythe list ofits participants. The show will also: help the visitors choose the most appropriate type ofdogs, talk withthe owners and breeders ofthese dog breeds who came here fromdifferent regions ofRussia and also fromabroad, learn aboutthe work ofnational clubs ofthese breeds, ask questions aboutthe specificity ofkeeping and raising a dog ofthe chosen breed. Organizing Committee: Chubarova Natalia tel. +79162703839

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01 Mayo 2015
Москва, Россия