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Международная выставка кошек

Международная выставка кошек   en Sokolniki, el 17 Octubre 2015

В рамках выставки «РосKошная осень в Сокольниках» пройдет «РосКошный Базар» — дизайн-маркет подарков для дома и вещей, сделанных своими руками, в частности, руками наших заводчиков, которые умеют с пользой провести свободное от котиков время. Объектом приложения ваших творческих умений может быть любой вид рукоделия: вязание, шитье: пледы, декоративные наволочки на подушки, шарфы, шапки, шерстяные и вышитые картины, одежда, броши, может, даже комплекты постельного белья для себя или котиков), почему нет. А также мягкие игрушки, авторские куклы, мишки и т.д.  В программе выставки пройдут мастер-классы по различным видам рукоделия. Приглашаем всех посетить выставку кошек и нашу «РосКошную Ярмарку». 
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 11.1

Recommended interpreters Yuriy YYuriy Y Galina EGalina E Alisa SAlisa S
c 17 по 18 Octubre 2015
Москва, Россия

NAMM Musikmesse Russia, the 6th International Exhibition of Stage and Studio Equipment, Event Installations, Technologies, and Services is a unique event in Russia’s and CIS' professional sound, lighting, stage, and installations industry. The three days of the Fixed Event Period will gather together clients, buyers, distributors, manufacturers, Mass Media representatives, professional musicians, and ultimately the consumers. Apart from the exposition, the exhibition hypnotizes various visitor groups with a rich business agenda brought to you by biggest Russian and foreign companies, leading experts in the field, related associations, and professional agencies. Business Agenda Distribution Companies Forum; Lighting Designers Contest; Master-classes by lighting and sound gurus; Workshops featuring leading Russian and foreign experts; Latest products presentations; Round tables and open discussions; Dealer seminars by participating companies. Product Range Lighting technologies; Stage equipment, pendant units; Laser effects and technologies; Safety systems; Special lighting and stage accessories; Sound equipment; Professional audio equipment; Beamer equipment and technology; Software; Video technologies and video surveillance; Conference communications technologies and equipment; Accessories. Target Audience Wholesale companies, professional audio, lighting, studio, stage, and media equipment distributors; Retail chain stores, professional shops; Distributor companies; Professional audio, lighting, studio, stage, and media equipment installation companies; Sound producers and engineers; Sound recording, radio and television studios staff; Concert and event agencies; Sports facilities renovation companies; Operators, mechanics, engineers; Theatre and stage designers; Lighting designers; Maintenance departments heads and experts from theatres, concert halls, educational institutions, shopping malls, business centres, restaurants, parks, and other venues and sites of various scales. Contact us:
Yelena de Lange
Tel.: +7 495 649 8775
E-mail: Sophia Bolshakova
Tel.: +7 495 649 8775

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.2
International Cat Show
The Posh Cat Autumn in Sokolniki cat show will feature the Posh Cat Bazaar – a design market of gifts and handmade nesting objects handcrafted by some of the cat-breeders who enjoy other leisure activities apart from cat care.  You can participate if you practice any of the following activities: knitting or stitchcraft – quilts, cushions and cushion covers, scarves, hats, felting and embroidery pieces, clothes, brooches, or maybe even bedclothes for you or your cat: why not? If you make plush toys, stuffed bears or handcrafted dolls you are also welcome.  The programme of the exhibition includes workshops on various kinds of handicraft activity. We look forward to seeing you at our cat show and at the Posh Cat Bazaar in Sokolniki!
ROSKOSH Regional Public Organization
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1