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Международная выставка вакуумной техники, материалов и технологий «вакуумтехэкспо»

Международная выставка вакуумной техники, материалов и технологий «вакуумтехэкспо»  en Sokolniki, el 14 Abril 2015

О проекте: 10-я Юбилейная международная выставка вакуумной техники, материалов и технологий «ВакуумТехЭкспо 2015». «ВакуумТехЭкспо» — уникальная в России выставка, на которой представлено современное вакуумное оборудование ведущих российских и зарубежных производителей: от вакуумных насосов и течеискателей до сложнейших вакуумных установок и вакуумных камер для различных отраслей промышленности. Тематика выставки: Вакуумная техника и компоненты Средства получения и измерения вакуума Криогенное оборудование и комплектующие Течеискатели и аналитическое оборудование, работающее в вакуумной среде Оборудование для нанесения функциональных покрытий Участники: производители и дистрибьюторы вакуумного, криогенного, аналитического, сублимационного оборудования и техники, оборудования для напыления. Также в выставке принимают участие инжиниринговые компании, оказывающие полный спектр услуг в сфере высоких технологий. Участниками выставки ежегодно становятся: «GNB Corporation», «MSH Techno», «VACOM», «БЛМ Синержи», «ВАКУУММАШ», «Вакуум-Сервис», «Глинвед Раша», «Интек Аналитика», «Криосистемы», «НИИ ТМ», «Сигм Плюс Инжиниринг», «Ферри Ватт» и многие другие. Посетители: руководители и представители предприятий в сфере: вакуумной техники, машиностроения, электроники и приборостроения, авиакосмической промышленности, атомной и энергетической промышленности, нанотехнологий, оптики, металлургии, химии и нефтехимии, медицины. Для бесплатного посещения выставки получите электронный билет.  Соорганизатор: НИИ Вакуумной Техники им. С.А. Векшинского.  Статистика «ВакуумТехЭкспо 2014» Количество участников: 84 из 10 стран мира Количество посетителей: 2 335 из 47 регионов России Площадь экспозиции: 2 589 м² Дирекция выставки: Директор выставки Ломунова Наталья
Тел.: 8 (495) 935-81-00 доб. 6226
ITE Москва
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 2

Recommended interpreters Galina YGalina Y Yuriy YYuriy Y Yuliya IYuliya I
c 14 по 16 Abril 2015
Москва, Россия

About: The Russian exhibition of franchising, licensing and business partnerships. The International Franchise Festival is one of the largest federal exhibitions in the field of franchising, licensing, vending and business partnerships in Russia and the countries of the CIS. Event format: B2B The exhibition features more than 150 franchise concepts for different areas: catering, retail, real estate, MFO, services and equipment for businesses and individuals, and many more. Over the years of successful work the Festival has established itself as a top communication platform for successful franchise providers and ambitious franchisees. Over five years the festival has been held in Russian cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kazan. From 2015 the festival’s venue is Moscow’s Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The primary aim of the festival is to increase franchise and partnership agreements among the participants of the exhibition, to provide a platform for discussing the franchising market tendencies, and to increase the number of SMEs in Russia. The international Franchise festival is the event for those who: are looking for business opportunities, want to create future and have their own way, for those who want to start their own business under the name of a famous brand and to find secure partners. The event audience is made up of: owners of small and medium sized businesses, current and potential entrepreneurs, business consultants, lawyers, representatives of government bodies, analysts, brokers and everyone interested in the industry. Organizing committee: PR and marketing: Anastasiya Rogozina
+7 (977) 698-93-68
Russkiy Prostor, LLC
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
Фармацевтическая конференция-выставка «ФАРМАКОСМОС»
About the PHARMACOSMOS conference: PHARMACOSMOS is a pharmaceutical conference on pharmacy production and selling trends in 2017. Over 900 drugstore staff members, doctors and invited guests will gather in one room at this conference. Moreover, a trade fair for pharmaceutical manufacturers will take place. Major topics of the PHARMACOSMOS conference: - Pharmaceutics; - HR; - Future of work in drugstores; - Online-drugstores; - Further education for workers in the pharmaceutical sphere; - Automation of drugstore processes; - The usage of modern technologies in the pharmaceutical sphere; - Interaction with representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers; - Local drugstore marketing; - Marketing for doctors; - 2017 trends. How do we find pharmaceutical manufacturers and prepare for the conference? Contact us for getting commercial offers for your company: Almaz Sergeevich 8 (903) 850-70-19 PHARMACOSMOS Pharmaceutical trends conference organizing committee: E-mail:
Pharmacosmos – Pharmaceutical trends conference
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1
International exhibition of vacuum machines, equipment and technologies VacuumTechExpo
About the project: VacuumTechExpo 2015, the 10th Anniversary International specialized exhibition of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies. VacuumTechExpo is a unique exhibition held in Russia, which is made to showcase modern vacuum equipment by leading Russian and foreign manufacturers: starting with vacuum pumps and leak testers to complex vacuum installations and vacuum chambers for different fields of the industry. Exhibition sections: Vacuum equipment and technologies  Vacuum production means and vacuum measurement devices Cryogenic equipment and components Leak testers and vacuum environment analytical equipment Equipment for functional coatings Participants: manufacturers and distributors of vacuum, cryogenic, analytical, sublimation equipment and machinery, as well as equipment for spraying. Engineering companies are also to attend the exhibition providing a full range of services in the sphere of high technologies. Visitors: directors and representatives of companies in the field of: vacuum technology, mechanical engineering, electronics and instrumentation, the aerospace industry, the nuclear and energy industry, nanotechnology, optics, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and medicine. Exhibition Management: Exhibition Director Natalia Lomunova
Tel.: +7 (495) 935-81-00 ext. 6226
ITE Moscow
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2