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Old-timer gallery, an exhibition of retro cars and technical antiques

Old-timer gallery, an exhibition of retro cars and technical antiques en Sokolniki, el 6 Marzo 2015

Three pavilions ofSokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre withthe total area of10,000 square meters will be atthe disposal ofvintage car fans, technical antiques and military history fromMarch 6th 9th, 2015. The visitors will be offered toattend three amazing, unique and sensational exhibitions atonce! Engines ofVictory The military-technical festival will get together dozens ofmuseums and historical reconstruction clubs. Many unique items are taken fromthe museum storage rooms and restored especially forthe festival, starting fromrare tanks“ modifications tothe field radio; fromcaptured army bicycles tosecret weapon models. Visitors will have the opportunity totake photos inmilitary outfits; watch movies featuring live comments ofthe people participated. Besides guests will be able toget a pilot-like experience duringWorld War II byusing a virtual reality helmet. Boys will be allowed toget intohistorical armor and be offered totaste soldiers porridge. Teams ofpropagandists will play sitting inthe bodies ofGaz-AA Polutorka”. Poems and songs ofthe war years are featured tohelp guests ofthe festival toexperience the atmosphere ofthis formidable and great era! Gifts tothe Chiefs A truly sensational exhibition! Dozens ofitems ofdifferent periods once gifted tothe party and government leaders ofthe USSR such asVladimir Ilyich Lenin and Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, will be widely demonstrated forthe first time since1955. All the exhibits share one technical direction: here it matters “what” was gifted, not the “person”. Each gift is unique and interesting onits own; they all reflect progress and design achievements: the latest models ofcars, radios, cameras, photo cameras or computers. For example, a TV set Moskvich— T1 was one ofthe thousands ofgifts presented toIosif Vissarionovich Stalin onhis 70th birthday in1949. The same cohort includes a model ofa Warsaw trolley and a Berlin subway car, stone crusher, fire pump, and an electric hot plate. Now these archaic things are the antique auction lots; butone should not forget that inthe old days they were all filled withpride and ambition: models oflocomotives, airplanes, blast furnaces, power plants, factories and coal mines. All these models are likesymbols ofwhat cannot be given inits natural size, butsomething you really want toshow off. It is a special joy toexamine and read the colourfully decorated addresses and greetings attached tothese gifts. After a four-day exhibition inMoscow, it is planned totour withand present these exhibits attechnical exhibitions and museums ofWestern Europe due tothe high interest inthe Soviet period. Old-Timer Gallery It is a unique show that offers a unique chance tosee all those things that brings you back tothe good old days oftimes long gone. Hundreds ofcurious technical inventions, long forgotten funny contraptions, and awesome designer solutions ofthe pastare a real gold mine ofmechanical culture ofthe 19th and 20th centuries, a living history ofthe bygone epochs. The tailfin era ofautomobile styling will also be widely presented, including both original and custom-project vehicles ofthe golden epoch ofAmerican auto design. Many cars will appear inthe process ofrestoration, or even as “luxury ruins”. A special pride ofthe exhibition is pre-production vehicles and concept cars. The exhibition features free photography, a chance totouch the legendary vehicles and even sit inthe cab! Organizing Committee: Natalia Panina, Exhibition Director Tel.: +7 (909) 939-18-50, +7 (495) 505-53-30

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c 06 по 09 Marzo 2015
Москва, Россия
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