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Православная выставка-ярмарка «сорок сороков»

Православная выставка-ярмарка «сорок сороков»  en Sokolniki, el 24 Agosto 2015

О проекте: «Православная выставка-ярмарка «Сорок сороков» проводится ООО «СТАВРОС» в павильоне 4.1 КВЦ «Сокольники». Приглашены к участию монастыри и храмы, каждый из которых богат своей историей и традициями. Будут представлены иконы, свечи, мед, православная литература, ювелирное и декоративно-прикладное искусство, сувениры, продукция монастырских и фермерских хозяйств. Любой интересующий Вас вопрос о вере и церкви, молитве, обрядах и традициях православия можно обсудить в рамках акции «Задайте вопрос священнику».  Оргкомитет выставки: Токарев Алексей Владимирович 117419, г. Москва, Донская площадь, д.1 Тел: 8 (916) 300-73-99
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 4.1

Recommended interpreters Yuriy YYuriy Y Yuliya IYuliya I Julia KJulia K
c 24 по 30 Agosto 2015
Москва, Россия

Project details: Rare breeds dog show: American Bully, Exotic Bully, Shorty Bully, American Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Old English Bulldog, Pit Bull Terrier.  Judges:  Mikael Katuin (Holland) Mariya Ruiz Martinez (Spain) Sussan Caspar (Germany) Gerhard Kreismann (Germany) Organized by: Alexander Zhelyabovsky 8/968/7719522
Royal Bully Club
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
The Belarus-Russia Fair
About the project: The fair demonstrates the mutually profitable cooperation between the two fraternal countries based on centuries of joint bonds and thousands of business links between the industries of the two countries. The relations between Russia and Belarus are fundamental and are a priority for both countries. The trade fair is not only a platform for the exchange of knowledge and positive experience among experts and entrepreneurs from the two countries; it also bears social significance, for it showcases the most important product groups defining social stability: consumer goods and food products. The themed sections of the fair: Textile and interior items; Consumer goods; Games and toys for children; Home ware and tableware; Gifts and souvenirs. Health and beauty Health goods and products; Alternative medicine; Cosmetics and perfumery products; Bijouterie and jewelry. Food products Meat, fish and dairy products; Preserves and groceries; Confectionery and bakery goods; Honey and beehive products. RBS Expo organizing committee
Yelena Bordenyuk: +7(985)488-01-00
Yekaterina Bordenyuk: +7(985)488-02-00
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
The Multitude Of Things Orthodox Exhibition And Fair
About the project: The Multitude Of Things Orthodox Exhibition And Fair has been organized by Stavros, LLC in Pavilion 4.1 of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The invited monasteries and churches are to bring their rich histories and traditions to the event. Many icons, candles, jars of honey, orthodox literature, jewelry, arts and crafts, souvenirs, monasteries and farm products will be presented to guests. Within the framework of Ask The Priest campaign any question about faith and the church, prayers, rituals and traditions of Orthodoxy will be open for discussion. Organizing Committee: Tokarev Alexey Vladimirovich 1 Donskaya square, Moscow, 117419, Russia Tel.: +7 916 300 73 99 E-mail:
Stavros, LLC
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1