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Презентация «это вопрос времени - nora ntx»

Презентация «это вопрос времени - nora ntx»  en Sokolniki, el 16 Julio 2015

О проекте: Компания nora systems GmbH представляет революционную систему напольных покрытий nora nTx, которая сэкономит время монтажа, а также снизит общую стоимость затрат на установку пола. nora® nTx — идеальное решение там, где ключевым фактором является время. Все равно, идет ли речь о новом строительстве или реконструкции, благодаря nora® nTx Вы экономите время и деньги, получая при этом высокое качество напольных покрытий nora®. Самоклеящееся покрытие можно эксплуатировать сразу после укладки, что открывает мастерам-укладчикам совершенно новые горизонты. Вас ждет презентация нового продукта nora nTx, во время которой Вы сможете оценить как проверенные качества продуктов nora® — эластичность, долговечность и легкость чистки, — так и новаторские технологии укладки. Вторая часть семинара – практическая – позволит увидеть особенности монтажа напольного покрытия. Организатор: Представительство ООО «нора системз ГмбХ»
Телефон: 8 (495) 984-20-44
Представительство ООО «нора системз ГмбХ»
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 7a

Recommended interpreters Yuliya IYuliya I Galina EGalina E Maria KMaria K
16 Julio 2015
Москва, Россия

About: No other than cats will become the central characters of this exhibition! Cats of various breeds and coat patterns, starting from the most well known and through to the rarest and exotic animals from the best catteries in Russia and abroad. Amazing Maine Coons and their ear tufts, mysterious Persians, arrogant Siberians, elegant Sphinxes and dignified British Shorthairs. Our Festival will feature the following: blue, green or odd-eyed, tailed or tailless, hairless, curly or longhaired cats; selection of the best breed representative; selection of the best among the best; a chance to meet a kitten of your dream and make a new friend (new owner may expect some presents); pet items fair where you can buy feeds, toys, carriers, chasers, litter, grooming tools and other useful and nice accessories; children’s playground where your kids can spend time drawing the cats they loved, playing dough or taking part in various contests. See you at the Festival! Organizer: Phone: +7-926-233-12-21, (Marina),
Phone: +7-903-796-38-41, +7-985-905-32-36, (Valentina)
The T.E. Pavlova Association of Siberian Cats Lovers (Moscow)
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
The Blade - Tradition and Modern Times Exhibition
About: The international exhibition “Blade” will take place in one of the best Russian exhibition halls: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Sokolniki is a fast running exhibition company of a new type. The fair is a beautiful place for welcoming Russian and foreign visitors and specialists. The best producers of knives, blades and cold steel from Moscow, N.Novgorod, Zlatoust, Tula, Izhevsk, Kizlyar and Uglich will take part in the show. Experts will demonstrate highly artistic blades. Producers of knives from France, Hungary and Pakistan were represented at the previous exhibitions. The main measure of economic efficiency of the fair is the constantly growing number of its participants. A wide range of knives from high-quality stainless and Damascus steel will satisfy the requirements of real men. The reference book “Blade” is published twice a year. The book is unique in Russian periodicals. It’s a periodical where you can find the latest news about outstanding Russian serial producers, studios and individual armourers; some information about blade production, its history and, of course, the main tendency in modern development of domestic and internal markets of blades and ornamental cold steel. The Russian market is looking forward to seeing new offers, new goods and new knives. We invite you to participate in the International exhibition “Blade”!  Organizing committee:

Address: office 210, Tamozhenny alley, 6, Moscow, Russia, 111033
Tel./fax: +7 495 780 6781
Pokrovsky Centre
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4
It’s A Matter Of Time - nora nTx Presentation
About: Systems GmbH presents nora nTx, a revolutionary flooring system that enables you to save the time of installation and reduce the overall cost of flooring. nora® nTx is an ideal decision if time is of the essence. Whether it is construction or reconstruction, nora® nTx will help you save time and money and provide high quality nora® flooring. You can use the self-adhesive floor covering immediately after setting, a feature that opens new horizons for floor-setters. The presentation of the new nora nTx product will present you with an opportunity to appreciate the proven quality of nora® products – elasticity, durability and easiness to clean – as well as the innovative setting technologies. Over the practical part of the event the peculiarities of the flooring installation process will be shown. Organizer:
nora systems GmbH representative office
Tel.: +7 (495) 984-20-44
systems GmbH representative office
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a