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Выставка кошек «зоо-салон»

Выставка кошек «зоо-салон»  en Sokolniki, el 25 Abril 2015

Оргкомитет: Тел.: +7-925-112-6477, +7-916-301-8061
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 11

Recommended interpreters Galina YGalina Y Yuriy YYuriy Y Alisa SAlisa S
c 25 по 26 Abril 2015
Москва, Россия

About the project:  A remarkable event is scheduled in Sokolniki Park for April 14-16 – the Easter Festival organized by Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, which will involve representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, farmers, and catering companies.  The objective is to enable Easter city festival, where participants will be able to sell and promote their own and locally made food, and cook on the spot for the vast audience of park visitors and city guests.  The festival will feature traditional farm products as well as innovations from Russian producers, which differentiate thanks to high quality, natural and environment friendly raw materials with no flavours, enhancers or preservatives.  The festival will be held as a fair between 11.00 and 20.00 at Fontannaya Square, 4th Luchevoy prosek.  Contact information:  Novic Vladimir Project coordinator Tel.: +7 (495) 995-05-95 (ext. 491)
Fax: +7 (495) 925-34-89
Mobile: +7-916-002-90-27
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
4th Luchevoy prosek
The show will gather the leading Russian and international companies working for divers, free divers, underwater hunters and underwater photographers. It will be a unique platform where you can have your cake and eat it. You will be able to buy products you won’t find on a shop’s counter, to save money at clearance sales of previous collections, to select training courses, to choose a diving safari or a trophy underwater hunting tour, to fix your gear and lots more.  At the show there will be volunteers ready to advise beginners on starting their scuba diving experience.
Underwater, LLC
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
Zoo Salon Cat Show
Organizing Committee: Tel .: + 7-925-112-6477, + 7-916-301-8061 
Zoo Salon
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11