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Выставка собак ранга чемпион ркф и комплекс монопородных выставок

Выставка собак ранга чемпион ркф и комплекс монопородных выставок  en Sokolniki, el 1 Mayo 2015

О проекте: 1 мая 2015 года состоится комплекс выставок, организованных межрегиональной общественной организацией «Клуб Служебного Собаководства». В рамках проекта пройдёт самая крупная, проводимая единожды в год, выставка — Национальный Чемпионат клуба породы «Московская сторожевая». Это отличный шанс увидеть в одном месте большое количество собак уникальной породы отечественной селекции, которые нечасто встречаются на рингах других выставок. Также посетители и участники смогут познакомиться c представителями двух пород, признанных во всём мире одними из лучших собак-компаньонов — «истинными англичанами» — лабрадор-ретривер и уиппет. В качестве экспертов на выставки этих пород приглашены известные английские заводчицы и судьи — госпожа Пени Карпанини и госпожа Полин Оливер — гарантия того, что это будет одна из самых представительных выставок по составу участников. Выставка также призвана помочь посетителям выбрать наиболее подходящий тип собак, пообщаться с владельцами и заводчиками собак этих пород не только из различных регионов России, но и из-за рубежа, познакомиться с работой национальных клубов этих пород, задать вопросы об особенностях содержания и выращивания собак выбранной породы. Оргкомитет выставки: Чубарова Наталья
т. 89162703839
МООО по развитию служебного собаководства «Клуб служебного собаководства»
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 11.1

Recommended interpreters Yuliya IYuliya I Evgen EEvgen E Maria KMaria K
01 Mayo 2015
Москва, Россия

FITEXPO is the annual festival of sport, fitness and healthy living!  On April 18 and 19, 2017, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre (exhibit halls 11 and 11.1) with the aid of the Russian Ministry of Sport and Moscow Sport and Tourism Department will hold the Moscow International Fitness Festival dubbed FITEXPO. The festival will traditionally become a part of the Sport International Exhibition, which is the largest exhibition event in Russian sports industry. It has been uniting representatives of authorities, sports organizations, business and expert community for over 13 years now, setting the trends of the Russian sports industry development. Every year FITEXPO presents new promising trends, spotlights the most progressive projects and illustrates the dynamics of general sport, fitness and healthy living development. FitExpo is the ideal combination of positivity and interactive sports entertainment. This unique concept is complemented by a multifaceted events agenda, which will offer a vast range of opportunities for both visitors and participants to get to know the philosophy of the fitness industry and its contemporary recreational and sports schools, which engage over 10000 spectators and participants every year. One of key objectives is to provide an opportunity to trial products and services, to get familiar with it and have some first-hand knowledge, as only personal experience may lead to understanding and further development. The festival will feature a vast, entertaining and unchangingly engaging agenda. Major sports events with the aid of the Moscow Sport and Tourism Department will be held as a part of the festival: The Students Spring fitness aerobics tournament, The Power Cup powerlifting tournament, The Iron Games 2017 Moscow combined heaving events championship for students, and an annual contest of Moscow fitness centres group coaches. No actual and popular schools, such as workout, could be left out, and for the first time ever FitExpo Street Workout Cup will be held at the festival – a friendly international competition that will involve athletes from EEU countries.   On top of the competitions, the visitors will get a unique chance to join workshops and exhibition performances to gain new knowledge and skills from top experts, as well as participate in prize giveaways by leading fitness companies.  Come and see it all first hand!
Autonomous Non-profit Organization League of School and Street Sport
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1
The Tintinnabulation Orthodox Exhibition and Fair
The fair’s purpose is consolidation of ecclesiastical and social efforts in order to promote Orthodox ideology and lifestyle, the preaching of love and good neighbourliness; to provide an opportunity of brotherly communication among Orthodox people from different parts of Russia and abroad; to urge charity and sacrifice. This purpose is symbolically reflected in the exhibition’s title, since church bells ringing draws people to prayer, repentance and good deeds for his own and his neighbour’s sake. Participants of the fair: Orthodox monasteries and churches of Russia and abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, the USA); book publishers: both ecclesiastical and secular that issue educational and historical literature; artists and restorers; icon painters and antiquarians; publishers of audio and video products; charitable and educational organizations; workshops specializing in products used in the commission of worship, decorative church products, folklore toys, folklore costumes; religious jewelry; farmers and the monastic enterprises producing food, engaged in provision of medicinal plants and manufacturers of medical cosmetics. Currently, the total number of participating organizations exceeds 500. Key features of the Tintinnabulation Orthodox Exhibition and Fair: Constant spiritual support of exhibition events: public prayers and farewell preaching before each exhibition; daily supervision of the products range presented on the stands and the participants presence by priests in order to detect and prevent violations of the exhibition rules mentioned in the Appendix;
Concerts of Orthodox art songs and round tables on topical issues of contemporary ecclesiastical life; After each show there are charitable contributions to the Moscow Patriarchate, the Saint Sophia Church in Middle Sadovniki, the clergy of which is the spiritual guardian of the exhibition, and other churches of the Moscow diocese. Media support of the fair: The fair organizers hold an advertising campaign that involves press, television and radio in order to attract to the exhibition a wide range of people interested in marketing of ecclesiastical products as well as in purchasing these products, examining the life of other dioceses and building bridges between ecclesiastical and social organizations. Organizing Committee: Tel: +7 (499) 181-06-01, Tel / fax: +7 (499) 181-51-81
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 2
Dog Show of RKF Champion Rank and a Set of Mono-breed Dog Shows
About the project: On May 1st, 2015 the interregional non-governmental organization Official Dog-breeding Club will hold a set of dog shows. Within the framework of which there will be the biggest annual show — the National Championship of the Moscow Watchdog Club. It is the perfect chance to see a large number of dogs of a unique breed and domestic breeding in one place as they can rarely be found in other show rings. Moreover, the visitors and participants will have a chance to see the representatives of two breeds recognized as one of the best companion dogs in the world — “true English” — the Labrador-Retriever and the Whippet. Among the experts invited to the show there are well-known English breeders and judges: Mrs Penny Karpanini and Ms Polin Oliver, this guarantees that it will be one of the most respectable shows by the list of its participants. The show will also: help the visitors choose the most appropriate type of dogs, talk with the owners and breeders of these dog breeds who came here from different regions of Russia and also from abroad, learn about the work of national clubs of these breeds, ask questions about the specificity of keeping and raising a dog of the chosen breed. Organizing Committee: Chubarova Natalia
tel. +79162703839
Official Dog Breeding Club, Moscow Regional Non-government Organization of the Official Development of dog-breeding
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 11.1