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Children в Сокольники, дата проведения в 6 Январь 2015

About the project: In the context of everyday life , parents and children rarely communicate with each other. At the festival you will be able to spend the New Year holidays together in an active and worthwhile way. See for yourself and find like-minded people and new friends. Play on the playgrounds, visit workshops on art and cooking, have a look at the exhibition of LEGO achievements and other design solutions made by kids, become a participant of the creative success zones, sing karaoke, buy natural and healthy products, which are goods for children, presents and decorations at the fair. Contacts ofthe organizers: Kharyutkin Alexey Tel.: +7 (495) 9950591 ext. 430 Fax: +7 (495) 9253489 E-mail: avh@sokolniki.com

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c 06 по 10 Января 2015
Москва, Россия
+74959950591, +74959253489