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Craft formula

Craft formula в Сокольники, дата проведения в 12 Февраль 2015

Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2015, the 13th International trade exhibition will take place atSokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre fromFebruary 12th 15th. It is the biggest event, devoted todifferent types ofhobbies: newspapers write aboutus such as: The Komsomolskaya pravda, resources ofTimeout.Ru, and Vashdosug.Ru. The TV channels Russia-1 and Moscow 24 capture the event. Materials and instruments forall types ofcrafting fromproducers and distributors, author wares frommasters will be presented inPavilions 4 and 4.1 atSokolniki ECC. Furthermore, master-classes fromprofessional teachers will be continuously held atthis special event, all ofdifferent crafting disciplines: materials will be given free, and afterthe end ofevery lesson participants get what they have made! Today craft is not only joy forthe soul butalso a method ofself-realization. Our exhibition is a platform forart-therapy, where everybody will find something forany mood. The main theme ofthe event: Womans image. At all times women want tolook beautiful and elegant. Elena Kotova, designer, working onthe technique ofmilling, will present the display oforiginal and stylish models forall seasons. The theme ofmilling will be continued inthe festival Modern felt, organized jointly withthe Shkatulochka studio! Mens handmade: all verges ofmens hobbies. Blacksmithing, joining, pottery work, original leather and metallic accessories will become an important part ofthe display. It is only possible here tomeet such a number oftalented men! The Wedding Planner: all aboutthat, how toorganize and design the most romantic day oflife! You can feel the aroma ofspring, admiring floristic compositions, created specially forthe occasion. The project Children. School. Creativity unlocks children’s talents, channels energy intoa creative course. We will not only amuse children butalso will conduct free master-classes forthem. Delicious handmade: we demonstrate the art ofcooking and designing beautiful dishes! Daily master-classes and tasting will enrich your knowledge offine and accessible cooking. Our culinary online-magazine, Craft Formula. Delicious handmade, is there tohelp. Craft Startup recommends! In a period ofeconomic causes changes withthe employees ofany company, they need toacquire new skills and knowledge toenhance their competitive edge. Creative entrepreneurs are now needed more thanever! On February, 12th Craft Formula will provide all enthusiastic craft-fans, who are new creative businessmen a launch pad forbusiness communication, development and the creation oftheir own business. We invite you tofamiliarize yourself withpractical information onthe Official site: www.formularukodeliya.ru The group Craft Formula is onsocial networks: facebook.com/FormulaRukodeliya vk.com/formularukodeliya odnoklassniki.ru/formularukodeliya

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