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Детский зимний фестиваль kids fest

Детский зимний фестиваль kids fest  в Сокольники, дата проведения в 6 Январь 2015

О проекте: В условиях повседневной жизни родители и дети мало общаются друг с другом. На фестивале можно провести время новогодних каникул вместе, активно и с пользой. Показать себя, найти единомышленников и новых друзей. Поиграть на игровых площадках, посетить зоны мастер-классов для творчества и кулинарии, посмотреть выставку достижений LEGO и других конструкторских решений, сделанных детскими руками, стать участниками зон творческих успехов, спеть в караоке, купить на ярмарке натуральные и полезные продукты, товары для детей, подарки и украшения. Контакты организаторов: Харюткин Алексей
Тел.: +7 (495) 995–05–91 доб. 430
Факс: +7 (495) 925–34–89
E-mail: avh@sokolniki.com
Конгрессно-выставочный центр «Сокольники»
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильон 4.1

Рекомендуемые устные переводчики Galina YGalina Y Yuriy YYuriy Y Maria KMaria K
c 06 по 10 Января 2015
Москва, Россия

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
Euro shoes premiere collection
About the project:
EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION – is a great demonstration of European shoe brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Switzerland. The whole presentation demonstrates the tendency of slow alteration Russian consumers’ preference aside more expensive and qualitative footwear from Europe.

The main ideology of the event is to be in keeping with the market, which calls for the earlier orders, and thus, the earlier deliveries of footwear for Russian buyers. Only European brands with good reputation will be exhibited there. 

EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION is a closed show-room and it is only for buyers with their personal invitations. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of footwear from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from Australia, Brazil and Portugal take part in the presentation. 100% of visitors are Russians and citizens of CIS. 

The first presentation of European footwear was held in August, 2007, in the hall of one Moscow Hotel. The second presentation was held in February, 2008. The exposition took up 2 Moscow Hotels. Because of many orders, participants decided to merge. 

Since that time EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION presentations are regularly held at Sokolniki EcoCentre. 

Organizing Committee:
Project manager:
Kornilieva Anastasiya 
Tel.:+7 495 925 7503 
E-mail: euroshoes@euroshoes-moscow.com
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1, 4.2
Children’s Winter Festival KIDS FEST
About the project:

In the context of everyday life , parents and children rarely communicate with each other. At the festival you will be able to spend the New Year holidays together in an active and worthwhile way. See for yourself and find like-minded people and new friends. Play on the playgrounds, visit workshops on art and cooking, have a look at the exhibition of LEGO achievements and other design solutions made by kids, become a participant of the creative success zones, sing karaoke, buy natural and healthy products, which are goods for children, presents and decorations at the fair. Contacts of the organizers: Kharyutkin Alexey
Tel.: +7 (495) 995–05–91 ext. 430
Fax: +7 (495) 925–34–89
E-mail: avh@sokolniki.com
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 4.1