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Euro shoes premiere collection

Euro shoes premiere collection в Сокольники, дата проведения в 24 Февраль 2015

About the project: EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION is a great demonstration of European shoe brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Switzerland. The whole presentation demonstrates the tendency of slow alteration Russian consumers’ preference aside more expensive and qualitative footwear from Europe.THE MAIN CONCEPTION:The main ideology of the event is to be in keeping with the market, which calls for the earlier orders, and thus, the earlier deliveries of footwear for Russian buyers. Only European brands with good reputation will be exhibited there.FORMAT:EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION is a closed show-room and it is only for buyers with their personal invitations. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of footwear from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from Australia, Brazil and Portugal take part in the presentation. 100% of visitors are Russians and citizens of CIS.HISTORY OF PRESENTATION:The first presentation of European footwear was held in August, 2007, in the hall of one Moscow Hotel. The second presentation was held in February, 2008. The exposition took up 2 Moscow Hotels. Because of many orders, participants decided to merge.Since that time EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION presentations are regularly held at Sokolniki EcoCentre.Organizing Committee:Project manager:Kornilieva AnastasiyaTel.:+7 495 925 7503E-mail:euroshoes@euroshoes-moscow.com

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c 24 по 27 Февраля 2015
Москва, Россия