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Euro shoes premiere collection

Euro shoes premiere collection  в Сокольники, дата проведения в 24 Февраль 2015

О проекте:
EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION — это выставка обуви европейских обувных брендов из Германии, Италии, Португалии, Австрии, Франции, Финляндии и Швейцарии. Выставка демонстрирует тенденции постепенного изменения российских потребительских предпочтений в сторону более дорогой и качественной обуви из Европы.  Концепция:
Мероприятие призвано ответить на меняющиеся запросы рынка, который требует ранние заказы и, как следствие, ранние поставки заказанной обуви российским байерам.

Участвуют только европейские обувные бренды с хорошей репутацией.

EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION проходит в формате закрытого шоу-рума и только для байеров по персональным приглашениям.

В презентации принимают участие производители и оптовые поставщики обуви из западной и восточной Европы, а также из Австралии, Бразилии и Португалии. 100 % посетительской аудитории составляют профессионалы из России и СНГ. История выставки: Первая презентация европейской обуви прошла в августе 2007 г. в холле одной из московских гостиниц. Заказы, сделанные там, обеспечили предпринимателям более ранние поставки, а европейским обувным компаниям больший рост продаж в конце сезона. 

Вторая презентация состоялась в феврале 2008 г. Экспозиция заняла уже 2 московских отеля. Большое количество сделанных там заказов побудило участников объединиться на одной площадке.

С тех пор выставка обуви EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION регулярно проходят в Конгрессно-выставочном центре «Сокольники».
Оргкомитет выставки:
Корнильева Анастасия, руководитель проекта
Тел.:8 (495) 925-75-03 
E-mail: euroshoes@euroshoes-moscow.com
Россия, Москва, КВЦ «Сокольники», павильоны: 4, 4.1, 4.2

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Москва, Россия

"Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2017" Key topic: The Beauty Awakening. In anticipation of spring, one is so keen at times to give up any hassle and dive into the world of beauty to feel the awakening of nature, to revive after the winter dormancy, experience a sense of ease, and a burst of energy. The spring cheer is what you can expect at the "Craft Formula Moscow. Spring 2017", the 17th international trade fair that will be held between February 16 and 19, in exhibit halls 4 and 4.1 in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The "Craft Formula" international trade fair is the event all crafters from Moscow and the region anticipate eagerly, and some of them even come from all over Russia! This is the best place to see developments in the industry, review and purchase the latest novelties, navigate in the world of handcrafting items, and make sure you don’t miss any fashion trend – or just restock, as "Craft Formula" will offer anything you need for your crafts! The fair will showcase large companies, small e-stores, studios, workshops, and of course original pieces! This is the optimal format for such an event, for as soon as another item sinks into your heart you can immediately buy materials for it, attend a workshop and find a club or an educational centre! "Craft Formula" has encouraged many to establish a business, open a studio or an e-store. But "Craft Formula" is not only a trade fair but also socialization, training, a source of fresh ideas and inspiration, as well as naturally, a chance to assert yourself. Each fair flourishes with exhibits of contest pieces, and you are welcome to compete in the likes of "The Beautiful Spring" (mini patchwork), "The Beauty Awakening" (flowers-themed embroidered pieces in any technique) or "A Gift for Mom" (handmade contest for children and teenagers up to 16 years old). "The Women’s Image" (dresses, headbands, accessories and handmade jewellery) will involve not only an exhibition, but also a fashion show, which will be held on Saturday, February 18, at 14:00 on the main stage of exhibit hall 4. And lastly, "The Spring Formula", a contest for exhibitors who will use their materials, equipment and tools to create a spring design in various techniques, such as decoupage, embroidery, painting, felting, patchwork etc. For more details about the contests and participation please see the Exhibition section at www.formularukodeliya.ru. On top of that the visitors may expect prize draws, giveaways, discounts and last but not least, workshops. Each time the creative platform of the "Handcraft Formula" hosts over 300 workshops for the entire family. Children will enjoy a designated playground to attend workshops too, or just have fun with peers and animators. To take a break, come and see the special project dubbed "Tasty Handmade", where you will see cooking and food design stands, as well as a restaurant patio, where you can try some uncommon food and expand your culinary horizons. A recreation gallery is offered for those looking for a calm corner to browse, shop, and enjoy the contest pieces. Each time a special focus is given to special exhibits of embroidery. It is well known that one is most encouraged to buy an embroidery kit when it is presented ready-made and complete! Such exhibits will be presented by embroidery companies and private designers. You are also welcome to attend the exhibition by "Yasnaya Polyana" museum and "The Art of Batik" by students of Carl Faberge Arts and Crafts College, who will exhibit batik spring panels. Again the winners of the "Zolotaya Pugovitsa" (Golden Button) annual handmade industry contest will be awarded, so you will learn which producers, designers, and experts were best assessed by the Russian crafters! The awarding ceremony will be held on February 16 at 17:00. Visitors may expect an eventful show programme, giveaways, prize draws, meeting sessions with designers, and a fashion show demonstrating designer’s apparel! Traditionally, as a part of the "Garden of Good Deeds" project, Chistoe Nebo charity foundation will host performances by children’s groups, and its stand will offer a chance to do a good deed by taking part in a prizes-for-all lottery, buy authors’ works or just donate to fund medical treatment for children. "Formula Rukodeliya" (Craft Formula) magazine stand will showcase a small exhibition of embroidery works made, through published designs, where you can also meet with designers involved in the publishing process and take photos in handmade apparel, post it online and get MADEIRA embroidery stitches as a gift. Two more photo areas decorated in eco-style by Priroda Darit company will be in operation at the exhibit hall 4 entrance and in the recreation gallery. It may be challenging to navigate at the venue, featuring such an eventful programme with over 500 participants. A special mobile app is here to help you find any participant or craft type, browse the workshops schedule, or buy an e-ticket in advance. Please, also be reminded of a free shuttle bus that will run between Sokolniki metro station and the exhibit halls. Alternatively, take a walk and enjoy a stroll in one of the most beautiful Moscow parks! And when you’re there, it’s very easy to find the "Craft Formula" – if halfway you meet exhausted yet happy women with large shopping bags, you’re on the right path! See you at spring "Craft Formula" in Sokolniki! Craft Formula in social networks: www.facebook.com/FormulaRukodeliya
www.youtube.com/user/FRTELEVISION/ Contact information: E-mail: info@formularukodeliya.ru Tel.: +7(495) 984-08-77
Fancywork Formula
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1
VI International exhibition and negotiations DIY 2016
About: International exhibition and negotiations DIY 2016 is a building exhibition, the main theme of which is building material, equipment and technique production innovations. The building exhibitions are traditionally considered to be a kind of landfill for groundbreaking ideas. Organizing committee: LLC EVENT GROUP  e-mail: info@eg-forum.ru +7 (812) 339 3313
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit hall 7a
Euro shoes premiere collection
About the project:
EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION – is a great demonstration of European shoe brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Switzerland. The whole presentation demonstrates the tendency of slow alteration Russian consumers’ preference aside more expensive and qualitative footwear from Europe.

The main ideology of the event is to be in keeping with the market, which calls for the earlier orders, and thus, the earlier deliveries of footwear for Russian buyers. Only European brands with good reputation will be exhibited there. 

EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION is a closed show-room and it is only for buyers with their personal invitations. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of footwear from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from Australia, Brazil and Portugal take part in the presentation. 100% of visitors are Russians and citizens of CIS. 

The first presentation of European footwear was held in August, 2007, in the hall of one Moscow Hotel. The second presentation was held in February, 2008. The exposition took up 2 Moscow Hotels. Because of many orders, participants decided to merge. 

Since that time EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION presentations are regularly held at Sokolniki EcoCentre. 

Organizing Committee:
Project manager:
Kornilieva Anastasiya 
Tel.:+7 495 925 7503 
E-mail: euroshoes@euroshoes-moscow.com
Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow, Russia, exhibit halls: 4, 4.1, 4.2