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The tintinnabulation orthodox exhibition and fair

The tintinnabulation orthodox exhibition and fair в Сокольники, дата проведения в 4 Март 2015

The fair’s purpose is consolidation ofecclesiastical and social efforts inorder topromote Orthodox ideology and lifestyle, the preaching oflove and good neighbourliness; toprovide an opportunity ofbrotherly communication amongOrthodox people fromdifferent parts ofRussia and abroad; tourge charity and sacrifice. This purpose is symbolically reflected inthe exhibition’s title, sincechurch bells ringing draws people toprayer, repentance and good deeds forhis own and his neighbour’s sake. Participants ofthe fair: Orthodox monasteries and churches ofRussia and abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, the USA); book publishers: both ecclesiastical and secular that issue educational and historical literature; artists and restorers; icon painters and antiquarians; publishers ofaudio and video products; charitable and educational organizations; workshops specializing inproducts used inthe commission ofworship, decorative church products, folklore toys, folklore costumes; religious jewelry; farmers and the monastic enterprises producing food, engaged inprovision ofmedicinal plants and manufacturers ofmedical cosmetics. Currently, the total number ofparticipating organizations exceeds 500. Key features ofthe Tintinnabulation Orthodox Exhibition and Fair: Constant spiritual support ofexhibition events: public prayers and farewell preaching beforeeach exhibition; daily supervision ofthe products range presented onthe stands and the participants presence bypriests inorder todetect and prevent violations ofthe exhibition rules mentioned inthe Appendix; Concerts ofOrthodox art songs and roundtables ontopical issues ofcontemporary ecclesiastical life; After each show there are charitable contributions tothe Moscow Patriarchate, the Saint Sophia Church inMiddle Sadovniki, the clergy ofwhich is the spiritual guardian ofthe exhibition, and other churches ofthe Moscow diocese. Media support ofthe fair: The fair organizers hold an advertising campaign that involves press, television and radio inorder toattract tothe exhibition a wide range ofpeople interested inmarketing ofecclesiastical products aswell asin purchasing these products, examining the life ofother dioceses and building bridges betweenecclesiastical and social organizations. Organizing Committee: Tel: +7 (499) 181-06-01, Tel / fax: +7 (499) 181-51-81 kolokol@expo-design.ru

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